Articles about the problems with beliefs

History reveals that the consequences of beliefs have created mental barriers to understanding and has caused ignorance, misery, violence and war. Do humans need beliefs at all? These articles examine beliefs, faiths and superstitions to help become aware of their methodology and dangerous consequences.


The problems with beliefs

Does rational thinking require beliefs at all? This article suggests that one need not express any beliefs to establish scientific facts, predictions, or to live a prosperous, moral, and productive life.


Confusing the Map for the Territory

Misunderstanding the difference between symbols (maps) and the things they represent (territory) leads to superstitious beliefs.


The Cause of Terrorism

How religious belief causes terrorism and warnings about the future if we fail to recognize our own brand of terrorism.


Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East

The leaders of governments and militaries, and their citizens, who believe in the concept of war, do exactly what their beliefs tell them to do. Their beliefs derive from ancient scripts called the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran.

Quotes About Belief and Faith

These quotes do not apply speciffically to religion, but to all beliefs.