News & Articles from 2018

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

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24 Feb Poll: Majority back stricter gun laws but public split on arming teachers
24 Feb Teachers: We'll Quit Before Trump Gets Us to Carry Guns
23 Feb NRA head breaks silence to attack gun control advocates: 'They hate individual freedom'
23 Feb Thanks, anti-vaxxers: Measles is on the rise in Europe
22 Feb Florida massacre survivors chant 'vote them out' as students nationwide walk out in solidarity
22 Feb Florida lawmakers vote to label porn a 'public health risk', after refusing to consider an assault weapons ban
21 Feb 'Sloppy and careless': courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules
21 Feb Students stage 'lie-in' at White House to protest Donald Trump's stance on gun control
20 Feb Church accused of driving former member to kill her entire family and herself with false accusations of theft
19 Feb Climate change will accelerate extreme weather events in the coming years
19 Feb Pentagon Watchdog: No Significant Progress Made in Afghanistan
18 Feb 13 Russians Indicted as Mueller Reveals Effort to Aid Trump Campaign
18 Feb Florida High School Students Stage Walkout To Protest Gun Violence
17 Feb At Vigil For Florida School Shooting Victims, Students Chant 'No More Guns!'
17 Feb Watch: Mother of slain Florida student screams at Trump live on camera — and CNN's Brooke Baldwin falls apart
16 Feb Trump's travel ban is unconstitutional religious discrimination, US court rules
16 Feb Teacher who allegedly forced student to stand for Pledge of Allegiance charged with child abuse, assault
15 Feb 17 dead in south Florida high school shooting; former student used high-powered rifle
15 Feb Coal execs spent federal money to clean themselves, instead of coal
15 Feb Washington Insider: White House Story On Porter 'Doesn't Add Up'
14 Feb Satellite observations show sea levels rising, and climate change is accelerating it
14 Feb The FBI director just threw a huge wrench into the White House's story about Rob Porter
13 Feb Do You Like Paying Tolls? You're Gonna Love Trump's Infrastructure Plan
13 Feb Atheists are under threat in 85 countries: discrimination against non-religious people increases
12 Feb Israel Launches Large-Scale Attack on Syria After F-16 Crashes
12 Feb California pastor begs for prayers after allegedly breaking into hotel and raping underage girl from China
11 Feb Trump Blocks Release Of Democrats' Rebuttal To GOP FISA Memo
11 Feb Second White House aide resigns amid domestic abuse allegations
10 Feb California cops worked in cahoots with neo-Nazis to bust anti-racist demonstrators
10 Feb These Veterans Say Trump's Military Parade Would Be A Big Waste Of Time
09 Feb US budget vote delay as senator foresees 'spending oblivion'
09 Feb Ret. major general pens jaw-dropping damnation of Trump parade: 'We do not have a commander in chief right now'
08 Feb White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter Resigns Over Abuse Allegations
08 Feb Democrats Win Special Election In Missouri District That Went Big For Trump
07 Feb Investigation reveals secret life of pedophile priest James Brzyski
07 Feb Democrats call for hearing on Jeff Sessions' anti-marijuana policy
06 Feb Duggar daughter's in-laws promote Christian discipline methods linked to beating deaths of 3 children
06 Feb Democrats seek to release their answer to Nunes memo 'correcting' Donald Trump over Russia claims
05 Feb Ex-American Nazi Party leader runs unopposed for Republican congressional primary in Illinois
05 Feb White House Plans To Withdraw 'Conspiracy Theorist And Anti-Science Extremist' Pick
04 Feb Thousands organize to defend Robert Mueller
04 Feb Trump Plan Seeks New Nuclear Weapons, Citing Russia
03 Feb Florida's ban on ex-felons voting is unconstitutional and biased, federal judge rules
03 Feb Rushville pastor charged with molesting children now faces trespassing charge
02 Feb US Congress: Republicans rush for the exits to imperil Trump's midterm hopes
02 Feb Trump's hand in crafting Don Jr's misleading statement 'has become a focus' of Mueller's probe: report
01 Feb FBI Has 'Grave Concerns' On Republican-Authored FISA Memo Trump Wants Released
01 Feb Trump didn't mention women once during his speech

31 Jan Trump refuses to impose new Russia sanctions despite law passed by US Congress over election hacking
31 Jan Oops: GOP lawmaker admits out loud GOP plan to hold House in 2018 'starts' with gerrymandering
30 Jan Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe steps aside amid reports of row with Donald Trump
30 Jan Scott Pruitt is slowly strangling the EPA
29 Jan Four dead in shooting at Pennsylvania car wash linked to domestic violence
29 Jan Trump ally Steve Wynn out as Republican finance chair after sexual misconduct report
28 Jan The 'Law And Order' Party Has Unleashed An Extraordinary Attack On Law Enforcement
28 Jan US Bombers in Guam Seen Readying for Tactical Nuclear Strike on North Korea
27 Jan Trump Reportedly Tried To Fire Robert Mueller In June
27 Jan Roy Moore goes back to supporters asking for money to battle sexual abuse accuser in court
26 Jan Earth continues to warm fast; is climate change lost in political turmoil?
26 Jan Mueller set to question Bannon on Flynn and Comey
25 Jan U.S. Schools Have Already Faced 11 Shooting Incidents This Year
25 Jan San Francisco swaps Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples Day
24 Jan China Just Overtook The US in Scientific Output For The First Time
24 Jan Vermont Governor Signs Marijuana Legalization Into Law
23 Jan Pennsylvania supreme court rejects GOP-drawn congressional districts
23 Jan 82 Percent of Wealth Created in 2017 Went to the 1 Percent
22 Jan Thousands protest Trump again at Women's March 2018
22 Jan NGO: US-Led Coalition Civilian Killings Tripled in Iraq and Syria in 2017
21 Jan Scientists have confirmed the past four years were the hottest in recorded history
21 Jan Ohio Mayor Who "Dedicated Life To Christ" Admits He Raped 4-Year-Old, Says She "consented" to Molestation
20 Jan Senate Renews NSA Warrantless Surveillance Bill
20 Jan A Psychic Who Charged $3.5 Million for Exorcisms Is Going to Prison
19 Jan The World Has Officially Lost Confidence In U.S. Leadership Under Trump
19 Jan Report: U.S. democracy has "sharpest one-year drop" in 40 years
18 Jan Deadly ocean heatwaves were made over 50 times more likely by climate change, scientists report
18 Jan Rising GOP star abruptly quits Republican party over Trump's 'appalling comments' about immigrants
17 Jan 'I Would Call That Torture': Couple Arrested After Kids Found 'Shackled' At Home
17 Jan Panama votes to boot Trump Hotels out of country
16 Jan The sea floor is sinking under the weight of climate change
16 Jan Nearly half of US is in Trump 'resistance': poll
15 Jan Leaked Draft of Landmark Climate Change Report Pours Cold Water on 1.5°C Goal
15 Jan North Carolina's 'partisan gerrymander' could prompt supreme court action
14 Jan More than 100 lawmakers call on Trump to designate climate change a security threat
14 Jan Donald Trump paid porn star $130,000 to stay silent over alleged affair – report
13 Jan UN condemns as racist Donald Trump's 'shithole countries' remark
13 Jan Trump approval rating rapidly declining among whites
12 Jan Trump pans immigration proposal as bringing people from 'shithole countries'
12 Jan Secret Documents Reveal Sex Abuse Scandal in Jehovah's Witnesses Church
11 Jan US to loosen nuclear weapons constraints and develop more 'usable' warheads
11 Jan Federal Judge Orders Trump Administration To Keep DACA In Place
10 Jan Stephen K. Bannon leaves Breitbart after blowup over comments in Trump book
10 Jan Trump-Russia: Senator Dianne Feinstein releases testimony of dossier firm boss
10 Jan Robert Mueller investigators interested in interview with Donald Trump
09 Jan Trump Administration Tells 200,000 Salvadorans To Leave Or Get Deported
09 Jan Donald Trump suggests he wants US law to limit free speech in wake of publication of explosive new book
08 Jan Climate Change Has Quadrupled Ocean 'Dead Zones,' Researchers Warn
08 Jan Trump's much-hyped 'job boom' is fake news: 2017 was the worst year for job creation since 2011
07 Jan Trump administration seeks $18bn from Congress for Mexico border wall
07 Jan Britain now generates twice as much electricity from wind as coal
06 Jan 'Trump has declared war on California': state defiant as White House take aim
06 Jan Donald Trump finally forced to hand over his business documents to special counsel Robert Mueller
05 Jan Scientists Can Now Blame Individual Natural Disasters on Climate Change
05 Jan Donald Trump issues legal threat to Steve Bannon after book revelations
04 Jan Trump Tower meeting with Russians 'treasonous', Bannon says in explosive book
04 Jan Donald Trump Taunts Kim Jong Un: My Nuclear Button Is 'Bigger'
03 Jan California's new legal marijuana market marks the beginning of the end for prohibition
03 Jan Christian group faces backlash after featuring 'brainwashed' ex-lesbian in 'disgusting' viral video
02 Jan 48 underage girls have been rescued from the ashrams of a 'godman' in Delhi
02 Jan Diphtheria spike in Indonesia linked to religious beliefs
01 Jan Hurricane Maria's devastation follows Puerto Ricans into the New Year
01 Jan Despite Trump Administration Fearmongering, 2017 Is Among Safest Years Ever For Police