News & Articles from 2015

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

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31 Mar Arab League to Create Joint Military Force to Fight Iran
31 Mar Abuse Allegations Rock Northern Virginia Church
30 Mar Fierce Backlash Mounts Over Indiana's 'Religious Freedom' Law
30 Mar Watch: Nebraska farmer silences oil and gas committee with invitation to drink water tainted by fracking
29 Mar Body Count Report Reveals At Least 1.3 Million Lives Lost to US-Led War on Terror
29 Mar What a cluster: When dark matter collides, things get weird
28 Mar Fleece Force: How Police And Courts Around Ferguson Bully Residents And Collect Millions
28 Mar Lobbyist claims Monsanto weed killer is safe to drink, then bolts when TV host offers him a glass (video included)
27 Mar Saudi Arabia launches air attacks in Yemen
27 Mar Historic Medical Marijuana Bill Gains Momentum
26 Mar Global warming is now slowing down the circulation of the oceans — with potentially dire consequences
26 Mar Indiana to set to enact 'religious freedom' bill
25 Mar "Gay-friendly" Jeb Bush: "People have a right" to refuse services to gays
25 Mar George Zimmerman: Killing Trayvon was God's plan, and wishing he lived is 'almost blasphemous'
25 Mar Afghan woman, killed by a mob for a crime she didn't commit, becomes a rallying point for activists
24 Mar Petraeus: Iran, Shiite Militias Bigger Threat To Iraq Than ISIS
24 Mar Community Demands Answers in Police Killing of Undocumented Texas Man
23 Mar Obama: I'll Use Clemency Power 'More Aggressively'
23 Mar Former Orthodox priest found guilty of sexually abusing minor
22 Mar The counted: inside the search for the real number of police killings in the US
22 Mar All-white Fox News panel demands apology for school's Black History Month event
21 Mar Florida employee 'punished for using phrase climate change'
21 Mar Rick Perry executed an innocent dad after prosecutor hid evidence in kids' arson deaths: Texas bar
20 Mar Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Victory In Israel Elections Leaves Damage In Its Wake
20 Mar San Francisco Catholic church installs watering system to drench homeless people as they sleep
20 Mar Himalayan Yeti is species of brown bear: Study
19 Mar House Republicans Propose Budget With Deep Cuts
19 Mar House Dems Filibuster Trafficking Bill Over 'Despicable' Anti-Abortion Subterfuge
18 Mar The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse
18 Mar Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if he wins
17 Mar Officials: US to keep more troops in Afghanistan into 2016
17 Mar Prosperity gospel preacher seeks $67 million for jet
16 Mar Koch Industries refuses to comply with US senators' climate investigation
16 Mar Gov. Jeb Bush used private email to discuss national security issues while in office
15 Mar Criticism, Some From The Right, Builds On GOP Letter To Iran
15 Mar California only has one year's worth of its water supply left, NASA scientist warns
14 Mar Tea Party Is 'Bald-Faced Racists,' White Privilege Conference Speaker Tells Sea Of White People
14 Mar An Unfair Price: Study Exposes Dramatic Inequalities Endured by LGBT Women
13 Mar 'Dirty Brigades': US-Trained Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes
13 Mar The untold story of how the sugar industry shaped key government research about your teeth
12 Mar Did 47 Republican senators break the law in plain sight?
12 Mar Complex Societies Evolved without Belief in All-Powerful Deity
11 Mar US Weapons Exporters Lead World in War Profiteering
11 Mar CIA 'tried to crack security of Apple devices'
10 Mar The Islamic State appears to be fraying from within
10 Mar Florida officials banned from saying 'climate change' because Gov. Rick Scott doesn't think it's real
09 Mar Estimated 50,000 Rally Against Netanyahu in Tel Aviv
09 Mar Judge confirms plan settling St. Ignatius clergy sex-abuse claims
08 Mar Doubt over climate science is a product with an industry behind it
08 Mar Christian chaplain fired for preaching compassion and love over violence of American Sniper
07 Mar Greenland Reels: Climate Disrupting Feedbacks Have Begun
07 Mar Ringling Bros. Circus To Phase Out Elephant Acts
06 Mar Senate Fails to Override Obama's Keystone Pipeline Veto
06 Mar Former Chester County priest faces new sex abuse allegations
05 Mar DOJ: Ferguson Police Routinely Discriminate Against African Americans
05 Mar Survey Shows Strong Majority Support for Obama Approach on Iran
05 Mar Noam Chomsky: Edward Snowden a True Patriot Who Should be Honored (video included)
04 Mar California Drought Linked to Human-Caused Warming: Study
04 Mar Americans are turning away from organized religion in record numbers
03 Mar Private police carry guns and make arrests, and their ranks are swelling
03 Mar Who Gets Food Stamps? White People, Mostly
02 Mar Private Prison Companies Foresee Increased Profits as Ruling Limits Immigrant Detentions
02 Mar Bill Nye rejects racial divisions as unscientific: 'We are all one species' (video included)'

Mar Plastic Smog: Microplastics Invade Our Oceans
Mar Net Neutrality Is Back! But the Fight Isn't Over Yet
01 Mar Poll: 49 Percent of Republicans Do Not Believe in Evolution
28 Feb The FCC's Vote to Protect Net Neutrality Is a Huge Win for the Internet
28 Feb House Republicans Slip Anti-Abortion Language Into Education Bill
27 Feb US Christians back emerging private war on Iraq jihadists
27 Feb Facebook conspiracy theorists fooled by even the most obvious anti-science trolling: study
26 Feb Eleventh-hour drama for net neutrality
26 Feb Quarter of British Muslims sympathise with Charlie Hebdo terrorists
25 Feb Marijuana may be even safer than previously thought, researchers say
25 Feb Bill O'Reilly tapes fail to back up claims of 'combat zone' reporting
24 Feb Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher
24 Feb Egypt jails student over Facebook atheism page
23 Feb Snowden's Revenge: New Mega-Spying Project Revealed
23 Feb Guess Who's Been Secretly Funding a Famous Climate Change–Denying Scientist?
22 Feb What Are We Doing to Our Children's Brains? (report)
22 Feb Prominent D.C. rabbi pleads guilty to videotaping women during ritual baths
21 Feb Cholesterol in food not a concern, new report says
21 Feb Bill O'Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem
20 Feb The rich own our democracy, new evidence suggests
20 Feb The Largest Solar Farm in the US Is Officially Operating, and More (video included)
19 Feb Eric Holder: Moratorium On Death Penalty 'Would Be Appropriate' Pending Supreme Court Decision
19 Feb Tens of Thousands Join North Carolina Moral March to Protest GOP Takeover, Racism and Islamophobia
18 Feb Climate change hampering world food production, say scientists
18 Feb Priest Abuse Victims Call for Major Changes in Church
17 Feb Why the United States incarcerates so many people (in one graph)
17 Feb Libyan ISIS Beheads 21 Egyptian Christians
16 Feb CERN's LHC ready for second round of experiments
16 Feb The emerging trend of innocent black men and boys dying after calls to 911
15 Feb Researchers warn US should prepare for 'unprecedented drought conditions' unlike anything in past 1,000 years
15 Feb "Carceral Conglomerate" Makes Millions From Incarcerated, Their Friends and Families
14 Feb NASA Study Finds Carbon Emissions Could Dramatically Increase Risk of U.S. Megadroughts
14 Feb Federal judge orders Alabama official to issue marriage licenses to gay couples
13 Feb Protesters Crash FCC as GOP Scrambles Against Net Neutrality
13 Feb White House: ISIS War Authorization 'Intentionally' Vague
12 Feb Isis war to extend far beyond Iraq and Syria under Obama's proposed plan
12 Feb Prominent U.S. Mormon activist excommunicated for doubting doctrine
11 Feb Edward Snowden revelations: GCHQ 'using online viruses and honey traps to discredit targets'
11 Feb Alabama Chief Justice Tells Probate Judges To Refuse Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
10 Feb Banking Giant HSBC Sheltered Murky Cash Linked to Dictators and Arms Dealers
10 Feb Netanyahu Vows to Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal
09 Feb New allegations renew old questions about Saudi Arabia, 9-11
09 Feb German priest gets six years in prison for sexual abuse
08 Feb Emotions, not science, rule U.S. climate change debate: study
08 Feb Rep. Alcee Hastings Says Old Texas Dildo Law Shows The State Is 'Crazy'
07 Feb Surgeon General Vivek Murthy: Early data shows marijuana 'can be helpful' for some medical conditions
07 Feb Baptist pastor charged with sexually assaulting and defrauding woman during exorcism
07 Feb Child pornography uncovered in Vatican last year
06 Feb Congressional Resolution Introduced to Support Darwin Day
06 Feb The White House Wants to Go to Europa
06 Feb Gravitational Waves From Big Bang Not Detected
05 Feb GOP Obamacare Replacement Plan Calls for Higher Costs and More Poor People Dying
05 Feb Massive Deaths in Border Desert Caused by US Immigration Policy
04 Feb New Poll Shows Overwhelming Majority of Americans Want Lawmakers to Take Action on Climate
04 Feb New Scientology Exposé: The Most Controversial Claims
03 Feb Methane Leaks From Gas Pipelines Far Exceed Official Estimates, Harvard Study Finds
03 Feb Christian anti-porn crusader arrested second time for sexual abuse of a minor
02 Feb Census says 16m US children are living on food stamps, double the number in 2007
02 Feb 10 Spain priests charged in child sex abuse case after pope steps in
01 Feb Hagel: U.S. Ground Troops Could Be Needed In Iraq
01 Feb Judge in Spain charges 10 priests with child sex abuse

31 Jan Poll Shows Giant Gap Between What Public, Scientists Think
31 Jan Science vs. religion? There's actually more of a three-way split
30 Jan New Graphene 'Wonder Material' Breakthrough Enables Doubling of Solar Panel Efficiency
30 Jan US Senate refuses to accept humanity's role in global climate change, again
29 Jan Report Shows How Fracking Industry's Failure to Follow Regulations Impacts Human Health
29 Jan Michelle Obama navigates limits on women in Saudi Arabia
29 Jan Ancient planets are almost as old as the universe
28 Jan Koch-backed network aims to spend nearly $1 billion on 2016 elections
28 Jan Anti-Semitic acts in France doubled in 2014: Jewish group
27 Jan Eighty People Control Half of the World's Wealth and All of the Elected Officials
27 Jan Priest's abuse worst judge had seen
26 Jan
U.S. Won't Admit to Killing a Single Civilian in the ISIS War
26 Jan Texas Used Junk Science to Restrict Abortion
25 Jan
Supreme Court to hear US execution drug case
25 Jan American Sniper: anti-Muslim threats skyrocket in wake of film's release

24 Jan Yemen Chaos Throws a Wrench in US Drone War
24 Jan Scientists upload a worm's mind into a Lego robot
23 Jan Here Are All the Senators Who Do and Don't Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change
23 Jan Chemtrail-harping weather truther busted for threatening National Weather Service
22 Jan Obama Pushes 'The Right Thing' For Workers: Paid Leave, Minimum Wage, Pay Equity
22 Jan ICC to Probe Possible Israeli War Crimes Against Palestinians
21 Jan New police radars can 'see' inside homes
21 Jan Former Maine priest defrocked after abuse allegations upheld
20 Jan New Oxfam report says half of global wealth held by the 1%
20 Jan Eric Dejaeger, convicted Catholic priest, to be sentenced Monday in Iqaluit
19 Jan White Supremacy And Homegrown Terrorism Pose A Growing Threat In The US
19 Jan Obama's budget proposal will take aim at the wealthy
18 Jan Scientists react to warmest year: 2014 underscores 'undeniable fact' of human-caused climate change
18 Jan Eric Holder Curbing Federal Government's Role In Civil Asset Forfeiture
17 Jan 10 year-old author of best-selling Christian book admits he never 'came back from heaven'
17 Jan Must See TV: French show eviscerates 'credibility of Fox News clowns' for comparing Paris to Iraq
17 Jan Major Health Study: Long-Time Pot Smokers Face Little Damage to Their Lungs
16 Jan Study: Sea level rise accelerating more than once thought
16 Jan Polish priest sexually abused boys, sentenced to 7 years
15 Jan The Methane Monster Roars
15 Jan Chaplain Employed by For-Profit Prison Accused of Whitewashing Immigrant Detention Abuses
14 Jan Charlie Hebdo Cover Features Muhammad Holding 'Je Suis Charlie' Sign
14 Jan British prime minister: Fox News security analyst is clearly a complete idiot
13 Jan 50 Civilians Believed Killed in US Airstrike in Syria
13 Jan Pastor arrested for rape of 2 minors
12 Jan Boko Haram's 'deadliest massacre': 2,000 feared dead in Nigeria
12 Jan Episcopal bishop faces manslaughter charges
11 Jan America's over-policing bombshell: How new data proves "stop & frisk" critics were right all along
11 Jan 46 examples of Muslim outrage about Paris shooting that Fox News can't seem to find
10 Jan Obama to propose two free years of community college for students
10 Jan Russia Blamed, US Taxpayers on the Hook, as Fracking Boom Collapses
09 Jan Much of world's fossil fuel reserve must stay buried to prevent climate change, study says
09 Jan Prosecutor: Pastor repeatedly molested 2 children
08 Jan French police identify gunmen who stormed satirical newspaper, killing at least 12
08 Jan Cardinal Hayes priest, coach admits to sexually abusing children
07 Jan New data confirms 2014 was the hottest year on record
07 Jan Maryland Governor Ends Death Penalty Immediately
06 Jan Forget Congress, these US states raised the minimum wage on their own
06 Jan Over 150 cases of child abuse in the Scouts have now been reported — and it's only likely to get worse
05 Jan Energized Obama Aims To Start 2015 On His Own Terms
05 Jan Confessions of a former TSA officer
04 Jan Study: Bad Luck Causes Most Cancers [video]
04 Jan Salta priest arrested in Rome for child sexual abuse
03 Jan Mario Cuomo, 3-term New York governor, dies
03 Jan Science scores major victory in fight against antibiotic resistance
02 Jan Dollar has its best year since 2005
02 Jan Sexual assault by priest haunts victim
01 Jan Barbarians at the Gates: Authoritarianism and the Assault on Public Education
01 Jan Swedish youth pastor convicted of raping child