News & Articles from 2016

How religious, political and ideological beliefs spark falsehoods, intolerance, violence, crime, and war

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06 Feb Obama Wants a $10-Per-Barrel Tax on Oil
06 Feb Scientist says lead exposure in Flint comparable to post-war Iraq
05 Feb Bill Cosby: US judge allows sex assault case against actor
05 Feb Feds look for new ways to fight 'clear and present danger' posed by domestic extremists
04 Feb Los Angeles files criminal charges against SoCalGas over massive gas leak
04 Feb City of Chicago Condones Chicago Police Department Code of Silence, Jury Found
03 Feb Experts: Christian doctrine is causing the Zika virus outbreak to explode
03 Feb US military commander in Iraq and Syria rejects GOP pledges to 'carpet-bomb' Isis
02 Feb UK scientists get green light to genetically modify human embryos
02 Feb Republicans reject climate change fears despite rebukes from scientists
01 Feb Tests Reveal A New Problem With Treating Flint's Lead-Tainted Water
01 Feb Eighty percent of Chicago PD dash-cam videos are missing audio due to "officer error" or "intentional destruction"

31 Jan Prosecutors use Oregon refuge occupiers' own words against them
31 Jan Baltimore warns that children are at risk of lead poisoning from paint
30 Jan Watch: FBI releases LaVoy Finicium shooting video showing he went for his gun — twice
30 Jan Why Bernie Sanders doesn't participate in organized religion
29 Jan Google AlphaGo computer beats professional at 'world's most complex board game' Go
29 Jan Wife of pastor freed from Iran filed separation papers claiming he abused her for years and suffers from porn addiction
28 Jan Bundys in custody, one militant dead after gunfight near Burns
28 Jan Caffeine Doesn't Give You Heart Palpitations, Study Finds
27 Jan North Carolina GOP Accused Of Intentionally Suppressing Black Votes To Preserve Their Majority
27 Jan Study: Guns Take Toll on US Public Health
26 Jan Record hot years near impossible without manmade climate change – study
26 Jan Creators Of Fake Planned Parenthood Videos Indicted While Planned Parenthood was cleared of any wrongdoing
26 Jan Sexism Runs Rampant Among GOP Contenders in the 2016 Presidential Race
25 Jan Pentagon Admits to Killing More Civilians in Syria Strikes
25 Jan Iran eyes Boeing plane purchases as sanctions end
24 Jan Massive Leaks Are an Everyday Occurrence in Gas Fields
24 Jan New Shepard: Bezos flight 'demonstrates reuse'
23 Jan Playing Games With War Deaths
23 Jan 'Our mouths were ajar': Doctor's fight to expose Flint's water crisis (video included)
22 Jan 2015 Was Hottest Year in Historical Record, Scientists Say
22 Jan Tamir Rice grand jury never took a vote to indict cops who killed him: report
21 Jan The Oceans Will Contain More Plastic Than Fish By 2050
21 Jan The Western Coalition Is Now Talking About How to Accelerate Campaign Against Islamic State
20 Jan Study: Man-made heat put in oceans has doubled since 1997
20 Jan Big banks brace for oil loans to implode
19 Jan Just 62 people now own the same wealth as half the world's population, research finds
19 Jan Fracking in Alberta: daily quakes and thirsty residents
18 Jan 'New chapter' for Tehran as sanctions end
18 Jan Mother Nature's Invisible Hand Strikes Back Against the Carbon Economy
17 Jan Evidence Suggests US Killed Hundreds of Civilians, Pentagon Admits Only a Handful
17 Jan Anglican communion to restrict US Church over gay marriage
16 Jan Planned Parenthood Sues Activists Who Made Secret Videotapes
16 Jan U.S. to invest billions in self-driving cars
15 Jan The Rise of Shadow Banks and the Repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act
15 Jan 'You and your family will die': Christian Klansman terrorizes biracial Oregon family
14 Jan In pitiful animal die-offs across the globe — from antelopes to bees to seabirds — climate change may be culprit
14 Jan Supreme Court finds Florida's capital punishment process unconstitutional
13 Jan Revealed: More than 200 children were abused in choir run by Pope Benedict's brother
13 Jan Why those killjoy new alcohol rules are just plain wrong
12 Jan 40,000 starving Syrians trapped by Assad regime forced to make soup from grass
12 Jan The new way police are surveilling you: Calculating your threat 'score'
11 Jan Scientists say humans have now brought on an entirely new geologic epoch
11 Jan Light From A Black Hole Seen With A Telescope For The First Time
10 Jan Texas Governor Wants To Amend The Constitution So States Can Ignore The Federal Government
10 Jan Prison Chaplain Won Employee Of The Year While Female Inmates Say He Was Sexually Assaulting Them
09 Jan Ala. judge goes after same-sex marriage after son indicted
09 Jan Tearful militant discovers friend drank away donation money: 'It's like finding out there is no such thing as Santa'
08 Jan California state of emergency over methane leak
08 Jan Woman beats disabled man with his own cane for saying he doesn't believe in God: police
07 Jan Gene Editing Cures Animal Of Genetic Disease For The First Time
07 Jan North Korea Says It Successfully Tested Hydrogen Nuclear Bomb
07 Jan Amid Armed Oregon Standoff, Report Finds "Skyrocketing" Number of Anti-Government Militia Groups
06 Jan Pew: Americans are in the middle of the pack globally when it comes to importance of religion
06 Jan Barack Obama takes action over US gun laws
05 Jan Oregon sheriff: Gunmen occupying wildlife refuge are out to overthrow government
05 Jan Here's How Many People Fatally Overdosed On Marijuana Last Year
04 Jan Armed protesters take over federal wildlife refuge in Oregon
04 Jan Iranian Protesters Attack Saudi Embassy After Prominent Shiite Cleric Executed
03 Jan Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths
03 Jan Donald Trump Featured In Jihadist Terror Recruitment Video
02 Jan Gun-Friendly Texas Is Getting Even Friendlier
02 Jan Obama set to unveil curbs on gun sellers
01 Jan The Massive Methane Leak That Receives Almost No Coverage (video)
01 Jan Finally, The Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Is Almost Over