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I made the first Dark Bible in the early 1990s as a Macintosh Hypercard stack and used the alias "Zardoz" for the author name. I had originally feared using my own name due to veiled threats I had received from religious zealots, some of my fears which, no doubt, came from my own paranoia.

The inspiration of the Dark Bible first stemmed from a combination of Ben Akerley's "The X-Rated Bible" and Steve Allen's, "Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion and Morality", for the purpose of finding relevant passages that dealt with the wrath, scatological, and dubious moral teachings of God in the Bible. The Bible has served as one of the instruments that has steered me away from this awful religion. Hopefully, the Dark Bible will do the same for others.

I first distributed the Dark Bible from my now ancient Freethinkers BBS. (In the old days, before the internet, people used their modems to dial up to other computers in their homes. They called these Bulletin Board Services). Computer users could dialup and download the entire Dark Bible stack, or an ASCII text version of it, directly to their computer.

Various versions of the Dark Bible stack continued until the late 90s where I put it on GEnie's and AOL's server and other BBS systems. An anonymous freethinker picked up on the idea and converted the entire Dark Bible into an html based web site and put it on the World Wide Web for the world to see. Hooray! I do not know who did this, but I applaud the individual(s) who put the effort into constructing the web pages. The Dark Bible ended up on various web sites, including the Secular Web for a short while. Unfortunately, due to internet web site attrition, fear of copyright infringement, or who-knows-what, the Dark Bible faded away. For this reason I have resurrected the Dark Bible and put in on my own web site. I have used much of the layout from the first Dark Bible web pages, with modifications to text size, links, updates to the text and added a few illustrations.

If anyone still uses the Dark Bible on their web site or wishes to use it, please cite where it came from, and update your html pages to the latest version (see the Contents page to find the latest date and version number).

At no time do I condone or authorize the use of the Dark Bible to support another religion like Islam (which has even worse dark verses in its Quran. See the Skeptic's Annotated Quran).


Jim Walker

The Dark Bible, copyright © 2006 by Jim Walker. No one may use the contents of the Dark Bible without permission or without proper citation and with a direct link to Preferably, use a link to the Dark Bible pages rather than copying the html code to your site. In this way, updates will appear as they occur.
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